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Freshy plastered walls in residential home in Boston

Greater Boston's # 1 Finish Painting

Turn to the experts who are trusted by the largest contractors in Boston.

Boston Smart Plastering - Interior Finish Painting

Our Detailed Process

First, surface preparation is crucial for a flawless finish when painting. The surface is cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Any cracks, holes, or imperfections are filled and sanded smooth. The area is then primed to ensure proper paint adhesion and coverage.


Second, cutting in is the next step, which involves using a brush to paint a precise line along the edges, corners, and trim. This technique requires a steady hand and attention to detail to achieve a crisp, clean border. Painters tape may be used to ensure straight lines and protect adjacent surfaces.


Third, we either roll or spray the paint of our client's choosing. The space will determine which method we use. Multiple thin coats are typically applied, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next. Proper technique is essential to avoid drips, runs, or uneven patches.


Lastly, once the paint is fully dry, any missed spots or imperfections are carefully touched up. Painters tape is removed, and any accidental drips or splatters are cleaned up. The finished surface is inspected for a smooth, even appearance, ensuring a professional and polished result.


Our Work

Testimonials: What Our Clients Say

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Quick response and great work! The team was very professional and kept the work area very clean by laying out paper on the floor and counter tops to ensure they didn’t make a mess. Top notch service!

Brian W.

We had a great experience with Boston Smart Plastering. They quickly performed major repairs on an issue with our very old ceiling that came out great! They were very easy to work with and I will definitely be using them again!

Steven W.

I had some water damage in my bedroom ceiling and walls. The team was great from beginning to end. They came to look at my damage in person and gave me an estimate later that day. They were able to do the job a couple days later and did a great job! They laid out paper to protect my floor and swept up when they were done. Overall, great people to get work with and someone you can trust to do a good job.

Michael C.

Awesome experience, the team was super professional, responsive and fast, and the work product looks amazing. Will definitely work with these guys again, highly recommend!

Gordon P.

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